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Information about PS3* (PEDRO SANCHEZ 3)(ペドロ・サンチェス3), Multidisciplinary artist born in Madrid. www.theartps3.org
The Bunker Project at Y Gallery
PS3* (Pedro Sanchez3)
The Bunker Project

September 2nd – September 7th, 2014
Opening Reception: September 2nd, 7-9 PM

Y Gallery is pleased to present The Bunker Project, a site-specific installation by PS3* aka
(Pedro Sanchez3). Bunkers and prisons are presented to society as solutions for combat
and survival. Building the Bunker Monument Model in Y Gallery serves as a way of critically
thinking about the human condition. What does it mean to coexist with a system that
proposes the imprisonment of freedom? A real living component defines the marginal
boundaries of our existence. What are the effects of living encapsulated? The Bunker
Monument Model generates a poetic space where the fragile materiality of the sculpture
reminds us of our own vulnerability. PS3* aka (Pedro Sanchez3) has been working for over
two decades on huge site specific installations developed from an early engagement with
paintings and sculptures. The work will be on view at Y Gallery for one week as part of his
work in progress, The Bunker Monument.

PS3* aka (Pedro Sanchez3) was born in Madrid and lives and works in New York. He has
exhibited internationally in Fourth Bronx Latin American Art Biennial, New York, 2014; The
Abrons Arts Center, New York, 2012; LA MUTANTE, Valencia, Spain, 2012; MILLENNIUM
"Personal Cinema Series" New York, 2010; MC Gallery, New York, 2008; The Cannes Film
Festival, Cannes, France, 2007; FEM6: Festival Edition Madrid 2006; TSUTAYA, Roppongi,
Tokyo 2005; Okurayama Gallery, Yokohama, Japan, 2005; Striped House Gallery, Tokyo,
2002; Plaza Gallery, Chofu, Tokyo, 2002; De Chiara & Stuart Gallery, New York, 1997; 57
Gallery, Madrid, 1996 and East End Open Cable Studios, London, organized by the White
Chapel Gallery, London 1998.

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